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Untreated Hearing Loss Can Cause Mayhem with Your Health

older lady with hearing loss getting a new hearing aid

Your health is one of the most important things that you have going for you in life. It’s not just looking after your sight or your heart, but your hearing is important, too. When you don't treat the symptoms of hearing loss, your health is going to be affected and you will find that you are feeling the issues in every other area of your life. Health isn't something that you can play around with and if your hearing isn't up to scratch anymore, it doesn't just end there. 

Did you know that if you don't look after your hearing, you could end up in hospital? It’s not an exaggeration, but when you consider the butterfly effect of poor hearing, it’s entirely possible. The health effects of neglecting your ability to hear are such that you should be paying attention to it. 

An audiologist can help you with your hearing health, and if you are dealing with the symptoms of hearing loss, you need to get them checked out as soon as possible. It can be somewhat difficult to hear if your hearing declines, but new research can show that your lack of hearing is going to cause havoc with the rest of your health. 

How Does Hearing Loss Link to Your Health?

At first, you might not think that hearing loss and general health are linked. The thing is your hearing loss is going to be linked to your day to day health and your hospital visits to the hospital can increase over time as a result. The longer your hearing loss isn't managed, the more difficult your hearing becomes. 

There is research that shows that the overall state of your health is going to be affected if you don't look after your hearing. Your chances of depression are higher, and your chance of social isolation is also higher. You deserve to be at optimum health, and the connections between your mental health and hearing are significant. Some of the examples of how untreated hearing loss can play havoc with your health.

A Loss of Balance

Did you know that your hearing plays a big part in your ability to stand up and balance? If you want to be able to walk and run and move around, you need to be able to maintain your balance. You also need your hearing to maintain situational awareness.

Memory Loss

Dementia and Alzheimer’s play a big part in hearing loss. Your odds of developing dementia actually double when you neglect your hearing loss, as the brain basically forgets how to hear. When your hearing is poor, the ability for your brain to pick up sound from your hearing center dies off. 

Anxiety and Depression

Depression risks shoot up when you lose your hearing. Neglecting your hearing loss can increase your risks of mental health issues, depression included. You’ll be more socially isolated, which can lead to feelings of sadness and emptiness and these can be avoided when you get your hearing tested. This can then have a strong negative effect on the rest of your health. Your physical health matters and your depression can make you physically respond. 

Hearing Aids Are the Answer

If you are dealing with hearing loss, having your hearing tested with an audiologist is the best decision that you can make. You can then be fitted for hearing aids when you speak to an expert and up to 75% of cognitive decline linked to hearing loss can be stopped with one. A hearing aid could really make a big difference to your health, and it’ll have the ability to mitigate the dangers of untreated hearing loss. You can look forward to improved brain function, reduction in brain injuries and better balance and awareness in the end. 

The research is showing that safeguarding your hearing is the best idea that you could have to ensure that you are healthy. Mental and physical health are both important and if you don't look after your hearing health you'll be feeling the effects elsewhere. Taking care of your hearing health is also good for your finances and being sick can be too expensive for you. 

Hearing loss isn't exclusive to seniors, either, and it can be caused by a myriad of reasons. Addressing your hearing loss is important and you can talk to the experts at Hearing Aid Consultants of North Mississippi. Call us today at (662) 234-1337 to make the improvements to your health with hearing aids that you didn't know you needed.