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Hearing Loss Affects People of All Ages

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Signs of hearing loss can appear at any age, from children to adults in old age. This can adversely affect our quality of life, especially when it comes to communicating with those around us:

  • Conversations with family members
  • Meeting with friends
  • Talking on the phone
  • Difficulty hearing in loud situations

Early detection of hearing loss is best. This way you can purchase the best hearing aid for your condition.

Does Age Cause Hearing Loss? 

There are many causes of hearing loss, some of which can be treated quickly and some of which require longer rehabilitation. Cumulative wax in the ears or fluid in the ear are among the milder causes leading to hearing loss and can be easily treated by an audiologist. Another common cause of hearing loss is, of course, age.

Naturally, like any other system in the human body, the quality of hearing deteriorates as we age. Various diseases or infections can also cause hearing loss. One of these symptoms is otosclerosis – a chronic inflammatory infection of the inner ear. It can be temporary or permanent. In most cases, having medical treatment eliminates the disorder and the hearing impairment. However, it doesn't just affect people who are older.

Those who are predisposed to hearing problems, such as having a hereditary problem or working in a loud environment, can most certainly be at risk. This means that regular hearing tests are vital in order to stay on top of your hearing health. Some children also experience hearing problems. This could be caused by frequent ear infections, or another type of condition. That is why it is vital that you have your child’s hearing checked in the first years of their life and continue to do so until adulthood. Hearing tests are important for people of all ages. 

Medications that have been taken in the past or present can also cause temporary or permanent side effects. Prominent causes of hearing loss at a young age include injuries such as injury, perforations in the eardrum or exposure to loud noise. In most cases, the best solution for people with hearing loss, when there is no medical treatment available, is of course a custom hearing aid.

Prevention is also a possibility in many cases of hearing loss. Loud music through headphones can damage your hearing. Working in noisy environments, such as within construction can also cause hearing loss. It may also cause tinnitus. It can be said that in many cases of this kind, the best treatment is simply prevention.

Using regular earplugs reduces the noise level by 30 decibels and is sufficient in most cases. You can also use sophisticated aids including headphones, which can lower the noise level by about 60 decibels. Wearing ear plugs at concerts and in clubs is also preferable. 

What Are the Signs in The Younger and Older Ages?

Oftentimes, the signs manifest in the same way. There is a greater amount of effort that goes into trying to hear what someone is saying to them. When we look for symptoms of hearing loss we are referring to hearing loss symptoms that are the essence of the sharpness of hearing. In any case, it is important to emphasize that it is advisable not to be stressed by the situation but to approach a professional, such as an audiologist. Low frequency hearing loss is often more common in older age but can be associated with certain diseases. 

The best age to detect any type of hearing problem is during childhood. Naturally, our quality of hearing decreases as we get older. Ensuring that there are no problems at a young age rules out future trouble. In older ages, hearing loss is mainly characterized by the phenomenon of presbycusis. This phenomenon can be quite confusing, as a person suffering from it will have a harder time noticing its existence – it is characterized by impaired hearing and loss especially at high frequencies.

Hearing at low frequencies is usually better, and sometimes not even impaired at all. Therefore, being aware of the type of hearing problem that you have will allow a professional to decide on the best course of action. In some cases, you may need further tests, such as an MRI or scan of the head, if your symptoms are accompanied by other symptoms. However, this is usually just to rule out any serious conditions. 

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