Hearing Products

No type and degree of hearing loss are the same, which is why you’ll find many different types and styles of hearing aids at Hearing Aid Consultants of North Mississippi from which to choose. Your audiologist will work closely with you to recommend the right type and style of hearing aid for you that suits your lifestyle and your budget.

Hearing Technology

Modern Solutions For All Types of Hearing Loss

Thanks to advances in technology, hearing products are designed to be more compatible with our lives than ever before. In addition to hearing aids, there are a number of products that make living and communicating with hearing loss easier to manage, so you never miss a beat.

Hearing Aids

Bluetooth is everywhere these days and we want you to stay connected. We offer an array of Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids that connect to cars, speakers, computers, TVs and more.

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Hearing aid batteries remain rock solid for extended use even with extra features like Bluetooth being active. Our clinic covers battery information during the fitting. Brand, type and maintenance are all discussed with the patient.

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Hearing Product Guide

Curious About Hearing Technology, but Not Sure Where to Start?

With so many styles and options, it can be difficult to know which products will suit your needs. Our Consumer Guide to Hearing Aids provides an in-depth breakdown of the different types of hearing devices, as well as the technology available for all types of hearing loss.


Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Hearing Products Created by the Best in the Industry

When it comes to hearing loss, you need a device you can rely on to perform its best. That’s why we carry products from manufacturers with a proven track record of exceptional quality. No matter your budget, lifestyle or type of hearing loss, we have a product to meet your needs.

Oticon Hearing Products

Oticon is one of the most trusted names in hearing aids. As a manufacturer of a full suite of hearing aid products, Oticon provides models that fit most budgets and needs.

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Phonak Hearing Products

Proven to be a reliable provider of hearing aid products for individuals with all types and degrees of hearing loss, Phonak is a leader in hearing aids. Phonak knows that hearing aids don’t just enable people to hear better again, but that hearing aids change lives.

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ReSound Hearing Products

Staying up with technology, all of ReSound’s products are made for iPhone technology and come with rechargeable batteries.

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Signia Hearing Products

Signia is a hearing aid manufacturer that develops top-of-the-line accessories to be used with hearing aids, including StreamLine products to make it easier for you to connect hands-free to multiple devices.

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Starkey Hearing Aids

Proud to be privately owned and made entirely in the U.S., Starkey Hearing Aids provides devices that are high quality, reliable and loved for generations of hearing aid wearers.

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Widex Hearing Aids

Known for its uncompromising approach to innovation, Widex offers some of the hearing aid markets’ highest quality devices. In fact, Widex is a world leader in technology, responsible for bringing the first digital in-the-ear hearing aid.

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Hearing Protection

Make Protection a Priority

Protecting your ears from noise damage is essential to healthy hearing. We carry a wide variety of options equipped with the latest features and customizations, so you can find the best fit for your lifestyle.

Noise damage is one of the main causes of hearing loss, which is why we offer a wide range of hearing protection and accessories to help you protect your hearing. Whether you’re a musician, hunter, or are frequently exposed to loud noises - we have an earplug designed for your needs.

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Hearing Protection

Assistive Listening Technology

Additional Tools to Support Clear Communication

You don’t have to rely on hearing aids alone; assistive listening technology and compatible devices can help bring more clarity to conversations and are another great way to foster healthy communication and connections.