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Using Your Hearing Aids With A Smartphone

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Some hearing aids are designed specifically for use with smartphones. The good news is these sophisticated devices are not complicated at all and are very easy to use as their technological features do most of the work for you. Another good thing is they are compatible with any smartphone as they are designed to work with Apple or Android operating systems.  

How to Pick a Smartphone When Experiencing Hearing Loss

Today, smartphones have made communication more accessible and more efficient. However, for persons experiencing hearing loss, your phone requirements may differ. So, how do you pick the right smartphone? Several factors play a role in determining the right phone for you: Is it a cell phone or a landline phone that you're looking for? Do you use your phone frequently or infrequently? Do you have a slight, moderate or severe hearing loss? 

When you go shopping, make a point of trying out several phones and models to see which one suits you best. Many cell phone manufacturers include features that aid persons with hearing loss. Some of these companies also advertise cell phones that are compatible with hearing aids. 

Therefore, it is vital to conduct thorough research to find a model that meets all these specifications. Besides researching, you should also ensure that you test out the cell phone before purchasing it to check out issues such as interference and frequency. You may also want to try out a few options before settling on one. Reviews and recommendations from trusted loved ones and colleagues are also helpful in picking the right smartphone. It is advisable to consult an audiologist, who may likely propose solutions and perhaps assist you in finding the right smartphone that can help you communicate effectively. 

What to Know Before You Use a Hearing Aid Smartphone Compatibility

Hearing aids can be assessed on how phones operate with them, as some work better than others. When you hold your phone or smartphone close to your hearing aid, you may experience radio interference, which sounds like buzzing. This is caused by the phone's electronics and display, which cause interference. 

The microphone (M) rating indicates how effectively the smartphone performs with your hearing aids on the standard option. The telecoil (T) grade indicates how well the smartphone communicates with your hearing aids when used in the hearing loop mode. From 1-4, the ratings are assigned. 

The GARI database can help you determine if your phone or other devices are compatible with hearing aids. Even if you have a decent M and T rating on your phone or smartphone, you may still face interference. Make sure your hearing aid is properly fitted in your ear, hold your phone one or two inches away from your hearing aid and use neck loops or Bluetooth technology to limit interference.

With hearing aids in the regular setting, you might want to use your phone or smartphone. You will want to experiment with what you find to be the most effective. If you prefer to use specific techniques such as Bluetooth to transmit sound, check sure your hearing aid is compatible with it. Are you undecided? Learn about Bluetooth and how hearing aids interact with it.

How You Can Use Your Mobile Phone with a Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are compatible with the majority of smartphones. This means they have a hearing loop, also known as a telecoil, a small coil of wire. The hearing loop setting creates a magnetic field that takes up sound and sends it to your hearing aids. This may help you hear the caller's voice more clearly.

All you have to do now is make sure your hearing aid's hearing loop setting is turned on. Your audiologist may have to perform this for you. You'll also want to turn on your phone's telecoil feature. You can discover instructions in your phone's manual or by doing some research online. To hear the caller, keep your smartphone close to your hearing aid.

Hearing aids combined with the power of a smartphone can be a terrific method for people with different degrees of hearing loss to interact with others while also improving their overall auditory experience. You will want to contact your audiologist today to learn more about wearing smartphone-compatible hearing aids. For more information, visit the Hearing Aid Consultants of North Mississippi or call us at (662) 234-1337. We are eager to help you know more about your ear and hearing health.