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What Does My Hearing Aid Warranty Cover?

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Whether you are a new hearing aid user, or have been wearing them for several years, it's likely that you rely on your hearing aids to carry out your daily activities. After all, being able to hear and engage with the world around us can have a huge impact on both our health and happiness. As a result, it can be incredibly disheartening to find that your hearing aid is broken or malfunctioning.

What Causes Hearing Aids to Break Down? 

While some hearing aid damage is the result of improper care, other faults may be completely beyond your control. For example, this could include manufacturing errors or issues that cause the device to have a much shorter life than expected. For example, while you will always have to charge the batteries of your device, if you find that the battery is constantly running out at a much quicker rate than predicted, then there may be a structural fault within the machine that you need to get resolved. 

However, it's important to remember that if you are dealing with a broken or damaged hearing aid as a result of a manufacturing error, then you may be able to get it repaired under your warranty. Alternatively, some hearing aids may begin to lose effectiveness over time, or if your condition changes somewhat. Either way, taking good care of your hearing aids and addressing problems sooner or later is the easiest way to keep them in good working order for as long as possible. 

What is a Hearing Aid Warranty?

When you first purchase hearing aids, it's likely that the device came with some form of warranty that is provided to you from the manufacturer. Typically, this is a written statement where they promise to repair or replace your device should any faults occur. This means that you will not have to cover the cost of these repairs yourself, as it is part of their promise to you to provide you with a high-quality, functioning device.

While many hearing aids are now expected to last upwards of five or more years, you may find that your warranty has an expiry date of around two to three years maximum. Following this date, you will have to repair or replace the device yourself or seek out further support from your audiologist. However, whenever a repair is carried out, they often come with a secondary one-year warranty, which is useful if the issue persists. 

What Damages Are Covered in My Hearing Aid Warranty?

The exact damages covered within your hearing aid warranty will vary depending on the manufacturer, as some providers will cover more expensive repairs than others. However, they will typically cover any form of manufacturing error. As mentioned previously, this could include broken batteries, or structural errors such as faulty hinges or damaged tubing, amongst other problems. If you are unsure, it is best to consult your warranty or audiologist before making a claim. 

For example, if you wake up one morning and find that your hearing aid isn’t quite working as it had previously, you should book an appointment with your audiologist as soon as possible. This is due to the fact that they have much more experience working with different kinds of hearing aids, from in the canal to behind the ear and will be able to figure out the cause of the problem much quicker. Furthermore, they will also be able to support you as you claim on your warranty, and arrange for your new hearing aid to be produced or delivered. In short, it is a much quicker way of resolving the problem than waiting to see if the issues persist or not – as this often gives them the opportunity to get worse.

Furthermore, if you are experiencing severe problems with your hearing aid, it may be that you need to try out a different device or that your condition has changed somewhat – meaning that a general appointment with your audiologist can give you the answers that you need.

If you have any more questions or would like to understand more about hearing aid warranties and how they work – please do not hesitate to get in touch today. You can reach us over the phone at (662) 234-1337, where a member of our team will be able to tell you everything you need to know. Therefore, whether you are on the lookout for new hearing aids, or want to schedule a repair, at Hearing Aid Consultants of North Mississippi, we are here to help.