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4 Benefits of Custom Ear Protection

4 Benefits of Custom Ear Protection

Custom ear protection can be provided by a trained and experienced audiologist. In essence, this provides you with ear protection devices that are made for your ears. When you compare them to other ear protection options, you’ll see they offer a range of benefits. Below, we’ve listed the top four benefits of custom hearing protection aids: 

A better fit

You will get a better and more comfortable fit from custom ear protection devices. After all, your audiologist will take impressions of your ears to help construct the product for you. As such, they’re specifically made to fit your ears – and your ears only. With regular ear protection, you don’t get many sizing options. It’s usually one size fits all, leading to a lot of discomfort. When you wear custom ear protection, you will barely realize they’re in at all. They’ll fit snugly, so you can carry on with your day as usual. 

More effective ear protection

The knock-on effect of a better fit is that custom ear protection also provides more effective protection for your ears. This is because there won’t be any gaps between the device and your ears, which can sometimes cause a sound to leak through. Plus, they’re customized for your needs, which means you choose how much protection you get. The result is a device that completely protects your ears and can help prevent hearing loss. 

Better value for money

On face value, custom ear protection is more expensive than the generic options. But the difference is that custom devices can be used repeatedly. They’re designed to last, which means they provide far better value for money. With a generic ear protection device, you’ll likely have to throw it away after one use – two if you’re lucky. This means you need to keep buying them over and over again, which soon makes them the more expensive option over time.

Reduces the chances of getting ear infections

A significant problem with ear protection is that the devices sometimes cause ear infections. This happens from the materials that are used, which often collect bacteria and infect your ear canal. This particular problem is made worse if you use reusable earplugs that you bought online. You can’t really clean them, so you’re getting bacteria and germs on them from your hands, then sticking them in your ears. With custom ear protection, there’s less chance of this happening. Your audiologist will ensure they have a protective coating around the devices that prevent bacteria from building up. Plus, you can often wipe custom ear protection clean – thanks to the materials they’re made from. Overall, they’re a healthier option for your ears!

Custom ear protection is the superior option – in comparison to more generic hearing protection devices. If you need ear protection because of a specific hoppy, or because you live in a noisy area, then custom devices will offer significant advantages over the rest. They’re well worth the investment, particularly if you plan on using them over and over again.